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Seasonal Stash – Autumn Favorites 22.

Vermont Creamery Cremont (Goat/Cow, VT)
Mitica Capricho de Cabra (Goat, Spain)
Prairie Breeze Cheddar (Cow, IA)
*Ubriacosecco (Cow, Italy)
Pecorino Pepato (Sheep, Italy)
*Von Trapp Farm Oma (Cow, VT)
Gorgonzola Dolce (Cow, Italy)

Not Your Granny’s – Six New Takes on Tradition 18.

Cypress Grove Purple Haze (Goat, CA)
*Doe Run Farm Hickory on the Hill (Cow, PA)
*Artequeso Rosemary Manchego (Sheep, Spain)
Balarina Goat Gouda (Goat, Netherlands)
La Tur (Cow/Sheep/Goat, Italy)
Moody Blue (Cow, WI)

World Travel – An Illustrious International Collection 25.

Caña de Cabra (Goat, Spain)
Délice de Bourgogne (Cow, France)
*Black Truffle Moliterno (Sheep, Italy)
*Clyde Weaver Vintage Quebec Cheddar (Cow, Canada)
*Scharfe Maxx (Cow, Switzerland)
Vintage Gouda (Cow, Netherlands)
Quadrello di Bufala (Buffalo, Italy)
Cashel Blue (Cow, Ireland)

The Cheese Connoisseur – Eight for the Ages 24.

Bucheron Sevre et Belle (Goat, France)
Robiola Bosina (Sheep/Cow, Italy)
*Ossau Iraty (Sheep, France)
Ewephoria Gouda (Sheep, Netherlands)
Chimay a la Biere (Cow, Belgium)
*Shelburne 2-Year Cheddar (Cow, VT)
Taleggio Il Caravaggio (Cow, Italy)
St. Agur Blue (Cow, France)

The Perfect Plate – An Assembly of Six Delights 20.

Vermont Creamery Bijou (Goat, VT)
Fromagerie Guilloteau d’Affinois (Cow, France)
Sartori BellaVitano (Cow, WI)
*Roncal (Sheep, Spain)
Jasper Hill Harbison (Cow, VT)
*Birchrun Hills Farm “Birchrun Blue” (Cow, PA)

The D.I.Y.
Our Cheesemonger Will Arrange Your Own Collection
5. Each Cheese 5. Artisan Salami

Our cheese plates contain nuts and gluten.

* – Raw Milk